1. Shopko Foundation Awards over $1.1 Million in Grants

    Over $34.6 million has been awarded in the last 39 years

    The Shopko Foundation is proud to announce that it awarded grants totaling over $1.1 million in 2018 to promote healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities in the communities we serve.

    The funds were awarded through the Foundation’s four grant programs – Community Charitable Grants, Green Bay Area Grants, Teammate Charitable Service Challenge and Teammate and Family Scholarships. Shopko and the Shopko Foundation are proud to have awarded grants totaling over $34.6 million in the last 39 years.

    “Shopko takes great pride in being a valued partner in the communities we are privileged to serve,” said Michelle Hansen, Manager, Public Relations & Shopko Foundation. “We appreciate the support we receive from our loyal customers and strive to strengthen our communities in return through the Shopko Foundation’s commitment to local charitable groups and activities that matter to the people who live and work there.”

    The Shopko Foundation supports accredited schools and 501(c)3 organizations. Grants are awarded throughout the year to support programs which further the Foundation’s purpose of promoting the health and education of Shopko teammates and customers.

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  2. Supporting our Community: Shopko is Awarded Community Involvement Award

    Shopko in Mora, MN recently received a special honor from the Mora Area Chamber of Commerce that reaffirms Shopko’s commitment to the communities we serve. We were excited to receive the annual Community Involvement Award.

    This award recognizes businesses that financially reinvest into the community, have a positive community impact and advocate growth in the community.

    The Shopko Foundation was honored with this award for its support of charitable causes and activities that promote healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities within our communities. The Shopko Foundation has proudly awarded grants to local schools and non-profit organizations in Mora, including:

    · Hinckley-Finlayson Elementary School
    · Mora Elementary School
    · B.A.D.G.E.S.
    · Soup for the Soul
    · More Fire Department Relief Association

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  3. Save the Bees!

    Bees are responsible for pollinating one in every three bites of food we consume. Sadly, because of pesticides, parasites and malnutrition, bees are dying off—jeopardizing the production of food that sustains human life.

    This condition, known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), has resulted in bee mortality rates of 33% over the last five years. Can you imagine a world without strawberries, almonds or broccoli?

    Thanks to the Denmark School District “Save the Bees” project, they have found a way to help save the bee population, educate students on beekeeping, and apply these principles of real life scenarios through Science (ecosystem), Technology, (hive management/tracking software), Engineering (studying the difference between traditional and top bar hives), Art (creating marketing materials and photographing the hive) and Math (product sales to be sustainable) to their students.

    They use the Beepods System, which is a complete beehive system that has access to training/support by professional beekeepers, training videos, 24/7 email support, a vast online community to connect with other beekeepers, and national beekeeping software which logs hive inspections to keep track of the hive health, honey production, and bee population.

    The hive, hosted in the school nature center, will be used by all five of the Denmark schools to involve as many learners as possible about this important topic.

    The project was made possible thanks to the support received from the community, local Lions Club, and the Shopko Foundation. View the story here: https://www.nbc26.com/news/partners-in-education/partners-in-education-denmark-bees.

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Cooking Time Fun

Eating well is not just important for maintaining a healthy weight, but also plays a part in your overall health. The staff at Utah’s SNAP-Ed Program is making sure residents of the community get the knowledge they need to have a well-balanced diet while bringing the family together at the same time.

Food $ense is Utah’s SNAP-Ed Program. They provide nutrition education to low-income individuals and families throughout the state. Food $ense holds workshops to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles among those receiving and eligible for food stamps. Their Family Mealtime program brings families together so they can learn how to cook healthy, learn a new skill, and improve their health.

The class is a family program, which encourages everyone to participate. From meal prep to table setting, time in the kitchen is time together!

With support from the Shopko Foundation, the Utah State University Juab County Extension was able to purchase food and cooking supplies such as measuring cups, pots and pans.

Click https://extension.usu.edu/juab/foodsense/ to learn more about Food $ense and upcoming classes.