A Partnership to Last a Lifetime: Shopko Foundation is Awarded the United Way George Kress Award -

Shopko Foundation recently received a special honor from the Brown County United Way that reaffirms we are accomplishing our mission to enrich the lives of people in our local communities. We were elated to receive the annual George Kress Award this year. But, we’re even more excited about the positive things the United Way is doing in Northeast Wisconsin.

The Brown County United Way is a Community Staple
Brown County, Wisconsin, residents are known for their eagerness to help others–whether that be through monetary donations or hands-on work. Community members and local businesses band together to help out those less fortunate without blinking an eye.

“This is an incredibly generous community, and I think that is the hallmark of Brown County,” said Robyn Davis, Brown County United Way president and CEO. “As I continue to get out into the community, I realize how generous it is, and the fact that people are willing to help, not just with dollars, but with their time and talent.”

The Brown County United Way, an organization whose purpose is to give aid to community members in need, has been serving the area for more than 90 years. For over half of those years, Shopko Foundation has stood beside the organization, providing grants and manpower to bring relief to less fortunate community members.

The United Way’s mission, “To bring together the strengths of our community to improve the quality of life in Brown County today and in the future,” reflects its focus on health, education, financial stability, and community connections in Brown County. Shopko Foundation’s concentration on supporting health and education initiatives within the communities it serves makes it a great, long-time partner for the United Way.

From left to right, Robyn Davis, United Way President and CEO, Michelle Hansen, Shopko Foundation manager, and Dennis Grusnick, 2017 United Way Board Chair

The George Kress Award Recognizes Community Supporters
To recognize the businesses that help it reach its goals, the Brown County United Way holds a yearly awards ceremony where it presents multiple awards, one of them being the George Kress Award.

This award recognizes a company that has made outstanding contributions to not only the Brown County United Way, but also to the community as a whole. Shopko Foundation was honored with this award for its unwavering partnership with the Brown County United Way and chapters throughout the country.

All Hands on Deck
To support the United Way, every Shopko store location across the county participates in the United Way’s annual giving campaign. Stores also enjoy raising funds by doing activities such as bake sales and penny wars. Employees see their community’s needs first-hand and take great pride in pulling together to help the United Way make a difference.

Get Involved and Live United
Shopko is grateful for its partnership with the United Way and the platform it has provided to create change within the Brown County community. But, even a partnership as great as Shopko’s doesn’t take away the need for help. Volunteers are a huge part of why the United Way is successful in helping so many local families achieve a better path to stability. The organization is always looking for volunteers to help fulfill the needs of community members.

If you have a passion for volunteering or uplifting your community, the United Way has opportunities for you www.unitedway.org.