Changing a Community One Life at a Time -

With the announcement of a recent $250,000 gift, Shopko Foundation acknowledges their commitment to Green Bay and the Fox Valley through the only children’s hospital in Northeastern Wisconsin. HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital relies on generous partners – like the Shopko Foundation – to support amazing initiatives for pediatric health. HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital treats these young patients regardless of their ability to pay, which is why corporate partnerships are needed now more than ever. (The hospital currently houses over 30 plus pediatric specialty practices, and a world-class pediatric ICU unit that served over 7,500 children in 2016, alone.)

Shopko Foundation’s interest in partnering with the hospital was a natural one; the foundation’s donation is designed to promote healthy lifestyles by bringing crucial health care to the youngest community members — and their families. HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital provides care close to home, meaning kids no longer have to travel outside of the region to access top-ranked care. It also provides an opportunity for residents to open their community to travelers from outside the community who will depend on this often life-saving level of care to change the lives of children.

The Shopko Foundation’s donation is unique and special; they designated their funding to support the development of the Family Lounge and Kitchenette, an integral part of the hospital ecosystem. “While hospital stays are never fun, the family-centered care improves the families overall comfort and well-being which aligns with the Shopko Foundation’s values of making a difference in the lives of others,” said Michelle Hansen, manager of public relations and the Shopko Foundation.

The foundation’s focus on this specific hospital project guarantees that families have the support and amenities they need that are close to their child’s bedside. Keeping everyone together is an important aspect of the healing process, and this special space creates that closeness that is so beneficial to children on the path to a healthy recovery. As HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital continues to grow the number of patients it can serve, the Shopko Foundation will be there every step of the way through the funding of these special living areas that promote family dining, connection, and relaxation during a challenging time.

Shopko Foundation creates home away from home
Since treatment for childhood illnesses can last weeks, and even months, the commute for families living away from the hospital can take a toll. “For families already dealing with a devastating illness or injury, having to travel for treatments or procedures adds to an already stressful situation. The availability of a children’s hospital close to home allows pediatric patients to remain near their loved one,” Hansen said.

Shopko, headquartered in Northeastern Wisconsin, is proud to call Green Bay and the Fox Valley home. Through the Foundation’s gift to the HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital, their wish is to keep area kids near their loved ones during the most difficult times in some of their young lives — and let those from outside the area know that the hospital can be a true home to everyone who stays there.