Commit to be Fit! -

The Evergreen Fitness Team is a free summer program for the children of Evergreen School District 50 with a mission to enhance the health and quality of life of students through the promotion of physical activity and nutrition education to become life-long healthy individuals. Poor diet and lack of physical activity has become the number one preventable cause of death, so it is vital we get our youth active and into the gym.

This summer was the 17th year for the program with nearly 100 Second through Eighth grade students taking part. Support from the Shopko Foundation went toward providing healthy snacks to all the students.

“Evergreen is made up of many financially challenged families that sometimes struggle to give their children opportunities for activity throughout the summer,” said Ross Darner, Program Coordinator. “That is why this program is so important for the children of Evergreen.”

The program has become so popular with the Evergreen students that they have created a similar spring break and Christmas break program.

Click here for a sneak peek of the program.