Cooking Time Fun -

Eating well is not just important for maintaining a healthy weight, but also plays a part in your overall health. The staff at Utah’s SNAP-Ed Program is making sure residents of the community get the knowledge they need to have a well-balanced diet while bringing the family together at the same time.

Food $ense is Utah’s SNAP-Ed Program. They provide nutrition education to low-income individuals and families throughout the state. Food $ense holds workshops to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles among those receiving and eligible for food stamps. Their Family Mealtime program brings families together so they can learn how to cook healthy, learn a new skill, and improve their health.

The class is a family program, which encourages everyone to participate. From meal prep to table setting, time in the kitchen is time together!

With support from the Shopko Foundation, the Utah State University Juab County Extension was able to purchase food and cooking supplies such as measuring cups, pots and pans.

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