Ready for Their Close-up / Supporting Innovation in Kansas Schools -

In today’s world, education is crucial for developing the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers. What, and how, we learn in school helps determine who we become as individuals and our success throughout our lives.

At Scott Community High School, Scott Holt prepares students for entry into multimedia programs through an innovative digital media class. The extracurricular class teaches students all about the workings of a television studio, including editing, production, and airing segments. As a result, Holt said that many students have explored careers in digital media.

“The class gives them an opportunity to learn about digital media,” said Holt. “Something they wouldn’t have looked at if they hadn’t taken the class.”

In addition to teaching at the school for 37 years, Holt prides himself on being a self-taught video guru. He has been producing sports highlights videos for more than 20 years, which made him the perfect fit for the class, which he started in 2013.

The program is self-funded and operates through grants received by the Scott Community Foundation, Shopko Foundation, and local advertising. To learn more, visit

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