Supporting Heart-Pumping Health and Fitness in Brillion Schools -

Heart rate monitors are becoming more popular during physical education classes, helping students enhance their physical fitness and understand their health.

In Brillion, 3rd-5th graders can instantly see if they are in the blue (lowest), green, orange, or the red (highest) zones.  The range of zones they want to be in changes based on the learning goals of that particular day or unit.

“These monitors will give our students another quality way to learn about why exercise is valuable while also making a better connection between how they are feeling and how hard their body is actually working,” said William Westphal, Physical Education Teacher. “From this our students will have another way to see how their body can improve through exercise. The kids are already pretty intrigued!”

The school started using the devices in April. Brillion School District received the heart monitors through the help of its own school district and a grant from the Shopko Foundation.

The Shopko Foundation proudly promotes healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities within our communities.  By working together, we can help children build healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.